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The forces and personalities hosted the Democratic Movement in Diwaniya, Freedom Hall last night, Dr. Haider Saeed, speaking on the prospect of a civil state in Iraq.
Said and the role of the thinker in drawing the prospects for Iraqi civil state in accordance with modern changes in the country in his last years, and the intellectual message of the community to develop cultural awareness in the management of the civil state after the legislation set out in the Iraqi constitution.
Dr. Haider Saeed during the symposium to the role of civil society organizations in spreading the culture of the civil state, which owns the state of national wealth, which was controlled by authoritarian regimes according to the whims and personal ambitions, which is expressed in the political tyranny of the national economy.
He said that many researchers have indicated in their studies that the tyranny, starting with the nationalization of oil in the state, while a monopoly such as this wealth will be the result state authoritarian control society and implement the adopted policy of marginalization and exclusion, the right of the citizens are thinking about and decide instead of him, and change the regime in 2003 was the stage the separation of state and wealth, the biggest challenge faced the Iraqi people, and today we see that we on the way back to the monopoly of wealth, the state is powerful in time brings us back to the marginalization of the citizens again and the exclusion of its role in the decision-making, which made the choice of the political community will develop the ability to equitable distribution and will develop also because of the conflicting decisions.
He Said that Iraq today, heading to what is called in political literature a democracy is a liberal Uma now called dictatorship of the majority or democracy sterile, which pulled the state of freedoms and freedom is the core element in democratic systems, and what we are witnessing today in the Arab countries that was launched by the Arab spring will not be able the production of a liberal democratic system which is moving today as steps walked by Iraq after the change, which will not in the interest of the people.
Dr Haidar Saeed (told lighthouse) at the conclusion of the seminar that the idea of ​​the establishment of this evening is talk about the prospects of a civil state in Iraq, I was delighted that I found of the presence among his interests the culture of the civil state and the House of debates important during and after the seminar, which was important and very effective confirmed the concern of those present to take advantage of this seminar, and added happy that the intellectual was at one time bound constraints of dictatorship under the framework of the state and so far not been able to get rid of the shackles of the past and he must discover his true identity again and I’m sure he will play an important role in the change the path of the situation in the new Iraq.
With Dr. Ali and berries that the seminar aimed to invite the public to his prospects of a civil state, which was absent from the public, here comes the role of intellectuals in spreading the awareness of our society, the state and civil society in Iraq is still Moghaiban from the minds of the public. He added that happiness lies in the number of attendees for a seminar today, which included the elites and intellectuals and citizens, affirming keenness to spread this culture by going to Iraq to safety., And between and berries that the political role has not abated the adoption of the Constitution and the legislation only, and here comes the role of intellectual complement to spread awareness of the Yes We are a state system democratic, but there are many gaps in this system we can build for publication in the Iraqi society.